on “It’s Always Sunny”

This summer I became a little obsessed with the show “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia”, thanks in large part to my sister Kasey. I had tried to watch it a couple of times in the past, but found the self-absorbed, ridiculously combative characters just too much to take. It’s like a show made up of Michael Scott, Larry David and Steve Urkel. But I gave it another shot at Kasey’s request, and I was hooked. Yes, the decibel level of Sweet Dee’s shrill voice does often rise to the level of migraine-inducing, and, yes, sometimes the show is too juvenile, even for me. But mostly it keeps me peeing my pants laughing. The thing is that underneath all the inane arguments, machinations, and failed schemes, there is some seriously sharp humor. Seriously, who comes up with this stuff?

And to be honest, that’s part of the appeal to me: that the main characters are the writers/producers/creators of the show. It also doesn’t hurt that Danny DeVito’s Frank Reynolds is a dead ringer for my dad. And that Fred Savage is a frequent director — that’s right, our beloved and sweet Kevin Arnold feeds his baser sense of humor on the “Sunny” set.

My sis and I have taken to texting each other key lines from certain episodes. But no matter how many I watch, this will always be the most pee-inducing clip from any episode:


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