on the top of 2010 – music

I love lists. I love recaps. I love end-of-the-year recap lists. And I love that having a blog makes me qualified (at least in my own mind) to create my own list.

I don’t listen much to entire albums anymore, so here’s a list of my 20 favorite songs of 2010, half-heartedly sorted into my own categories:

Best ’80s songs in 2010:
–  “I Can Change”, LCD Soundsystem
– “Easy Bear” (feat. Tim Harrington), Hesta Prynn
– “Not in Love” (feat. Robert Smith), Crystal Castles

The dreamiest songs of 2010:
– “Crazy for You”, Best Coast
– “Go Outside”, Cults
– “Expectation”, Tame Impala

The peppiest songs of 2010:
– “Friendly Ghost”, Harlem
– “Marathon”, Tennis

The best bells of 2010:
– Tie: “Rill Rill”/”Tell ‘Em”, Sleigh Bells
– “Windstorm”, School of Seven Bells
– Tie “The Ghost Inside”/”Mongrel Heart”, Broken Bells

The best suburban ennui since “Subdivisions”:
– Tie: “The Suburbs”/”Sprawl II (Mountains Beyond Mountains)”, Arcade Fire
– “Bloodbuzz Ohio”, The National

The best odes to (potential) lovers:
– “Coquet Coquette”, Of Montreal
– “Taos”, Menomena

The best bands I saw in Australia in 2010:
– “Little Lion Man”, Mumford and Sons
– “Little Girl” (feat. Julian Casablancas), Dark Night of the Soul

The  best “yes, sometimes I love hip-hop”:
– “Runaway”, Kanye West
– “Love the Way You Lie” (feat. Rihanna), Eminem
– “hahahahajk?”, Das Racist


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