on the top of 2010 – TV

The list mania continues. I truly don’t watch that much TV on a regular basis, but since we started streaming Netflix through our PS3 I’ve been catching up on some shows that escaped my attention to this point. So while some of the items on the list may not be new in 2010, they are new to me.

Here are the best things I watched in 2010:
Lost finale. I hosted a little finale viewing party with some friends who had been hard-core fanatics like myself. We ate pizza and shifted in our seats, nervously anticipating the end. As the clock ticked and we were no closer to answering many of the key questions — why does Charles Widmore want to find the island so bad? is he good or bad? why doesn’t Richard Alpert age? are the survivors really alive or have they been dead this whole time? who in the heck are the others? — I grew more and more annoyed. And then it was over. Jack’s dead and they’re all in a church waiting for him. What?? I was angry. I was confused.

But then I sat with it for a couple of days and watched it again. The second time around I bawled like a baby. I could hardly see through my tears as Vincent cuddled up to Jack as he lay dying, watching his friends escape and knowing, finally, that he had done what he set out to do. The warm reunion of friends long separated proved to be an incredibly satisfying way to end a show that I obsessed over for six years. I don’t even care that they didn’t explain the polar bears. I seriously just watched the final scene right now and cried all over again.

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. I started watching this over-the-top farcical comedy this summer and loved it so much I blogged about it. These guys make the Seinfeld gang look like badge-earning Boy Scouts. I still have “The Nightman Cometh” episode saved to my DVR because it makes me cry laughing every time I turn it on. And while this new season has been sort of hit-or-miss, Charlie’s time capsule butt dance has made it all worth it.

Friday Night Lights. I know this show is in its final season, and people have been telling me I would love it for years (I mean, come on, football? high school? the guy from Homefront and Pure Country? It’s like it was made specifically for me), but I am just now getting into it. Only seven episodes into the first season, but I’m loving it so far. Tim likes it, too, which is a plus, because it means I don’t have to sneak-watch it.

Skins. Now here’s a show I have to sneak-watch. A little too British, a few  too many teenagers for Tim’s taste. What Tim doesn’t know is that this BBC teen drama is Degrassi’s slutty older sister. I watch most episodes with my hand covering my mouth in shock. But that hasn’t stopped me from getting most of the way through the first series. I particularly like the storyline involving sweet but very sad anorexic Cassie. And the fact that the main character is the boy in About a Boy. He’s all growns up!

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Dexter. Again, a little late to the party, thanks to no Showtime. But we are making up for lost time. Michael C. Hall is creeeeepy. And his sister (and soon to be real-life ex-wife) is annoying as all get-out. But it is clever and scary and captivating.

Party Down. Sadly, this genius of a show came to an end this year — more proof that people have no taste. I watched the entire two seasons in about three days this summer. The cast is a veritable who’s-who of people you think you recognize but aren’t sure why: the gangly geek friend in Freaks and Geeks, the wacky private investigator and horny best friend in Veronica Mars, the ruthless douchebag younger brother in Step Brothers, Jan Ian from Mean Girls (and Jolene from Queens of Country). And a pre-Glee Jane Lynch! If you have ever worked in food service, dreamed of being an actor in LA, love Veronica Mars or have a crush on Paul Rudd, you have got to watch this show.

Parks and Recreation. I actually started watching this show in 2009, but it brought its A-game to become my favorite show in 2010. I want to be best friends with everyone on that show. I regularly get more laughs in 25ish minutes with that show than any other show on TV. I cannot wait for it to come back in January…I have to know what happens between April and Andy!  Rob Lowe!

– Aziz Ansari: Intimate Moments. His Parks and Rec character is sweetly self-indulgent. His stand-up is off-the-charts hilarious. Best Kanye impression ever.

– Cougar Town. New to me in 2010. At first I thought I would be annoyed by the increasingly plastic cast (how many surgeries are there between Courteney Cox and Christa Miller?). But I love Scrubs, I love Javier from Felicity and Grayson is just hot. And, as it turns out, the older I get, the more fun it is to watch a Friends-esque crew drink huge amounts of wine than it is to watch the actual Friends crew drink huge amounts of coffee. Does that make me a cougar?

Jimmy Fallon+Justin Timberlake= Rap Awesomeness. My huge crushes on both these guys went through the roof with this one:


4 thoughts on “on the top of 2010 – TV

  1. Alex

    Haha, funny because this is the next post I have planned. I really only watch a few shows, though, none of which are on this list. Community is quickly becoming my favorite show of all time, and for whatever reason I cannot stand Parks and Rec.

    1. roschkekj23 Post author

      Alex, I love Community, too! I just didn’t include it because it wasn’t new to me this year. As for Parks & Rec, if you are basing your opinion on the first season, you should check it out again. It’s gotten so much better. Andy reminds me of someone you would totally hang with.

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