on making a commitment (to a blog)

I’m getting into the game a little late, but I’ve decided take it to the next level with this whole blogging thing (and, apparently, try to fit as many clichés as possible into one sentence). I’m taking WordPress up on their challenge and making the commitment to post something new at least once a week for all of 2011.

They say that publicly stating your intent to do something is one of the most powerful forms of motivation because once you’ve made that promise, you have to make good on it. So I’ll do my darndest to do just that. Without even meaning to, I already surpassed my goal for January … hey, this might be easier than I thought!

WordPress has pledged to give me support through The Daily Post, but a little user interactivity would certainly go a long way to keep me motivated. So if you’re reading my blog, let me know. Like (or dislike) my posts, add a comment -even if it’s not entirely positive, share a link, do something to show you’re out there.

In the meantime, I’ll keep spouting off on whatever it is that’s on my mind …


4 thoughts on “on making a commitment (to a blog)

  1. toreyandcarly

    I’m trying my hand at blogging now too, Roschke! But I’m kind of slow at it…I wish I had your motivation to post every week!

    1. roschkekj23 Post author

      Carly, I’m trying to keep my goals realistic. Once I realized every post doesn’t have to be 1000 words on some clever topic it took me days to dream up, it seemed a lot more manageable. I think you’ll be surprised how regularly you start to post. It gets kind of addicting, like Facebook. I would love to read your blog if you want to share 🙂


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