photos of food fun

I just read about the year-old site Foodspotting yesterday and thought it sounded like a pretty cool idea. It’s sort of like a more visual Yelp, but instead of reviewing food establishments in their entirety, the entries focus on positive reviews of specific menu items. “Foodspotters” upload photos of meals they’ve enjoyed to help give the rest of us some new ideas when we get stuck in that “where do you want to go to dinner tonight?” “I don’t care, let’s just go to ______ again” rut.

Foodspotting reminds me a lot NextStop, a now-defunct travel recommendation site acquired by Facebook last year that was co-founded by my friend Carl Sjogreen. Like with NextStop, foodspotters can set up guides to detail their favorite dishes under certain themes, and they can earn badges and other rewards by regularly “spotting” foods.

The site has gained a little traction in Phoenix — there’s about five pages of food reviews and three Phoenix guides — but it’s got a much bigger presence in larger foodie cities like San Francisco (where the company is based) and New York.  I just downloaded the Foodspotting mobile app for my iPhone and intend to use it on my next meal out. I hope more Phoenix foodies will soon follow suit.

I tried to upload one of the only food photos I’ve ever taken, but it didn’t work since the photo was taken in Australia last summer and I guess the site doesn’t have an international reach just yet. So I’ll post it here instead, as it was one of the best food experiences I’ve had in a while. We were dining al fresco at the Houghton Winery in Swan Valley (just outside Perth), enjoying a nice, crisp white table wine. Tim ordered a ridiculously decadent truffle mushroom risotto and I had an incredibly yummy pumpkin and lentil salad. It was a lovely afternoon.



One thought on “photos of food fun

  1. Amy (Foodspotting)

    Hi, just wanted to stop by and say thanks so much for writing about us. We’re definitely trying to expand our reach beyond the larger US cities, but we’re growing at a quick pace in the States and internationally thanks to new users like yourself! Also, just a tip for when you get started – the most delicious photos are usually the ones entirely focused on the dish. This way we can see every leaf in your salad or every drop of hollandaise sauce in an eggs Benedict 🙂 Send me a link to your foodspotting profile and I’ll follow you there!


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