my go-to iphone apps

This isn’t exactly breaking news, as my Verizon friends have had plenty of time to become acquainted with their new iPhones. When I started this post nearly a month ago, I thought it be helpful to put together a list of my favorite apps to help guide them through the learning curve. They are probably all more iPhone savvy than I am at this point, but figured I should finish what I started.

It’s not surprise that many of my most-used apps also happen to be everyone else’s most-used apps. But that just means they are so good they are worth mentioning again. So here is my list of my favorite apps, both the well-known and the less popular gems. All apps are free (I’m an app cheap skate) unless otherwise noted.

The Necessities
Google and Google Maps: Again, obviously.
AroundMe: Looking for the closest dry cleaner around you? Need to find a bank? A sushi joint? Find it on AroundMe.
Yelp: The go-to for restaurant suggestions wherever you happen to be. The GPS map is particularly helpful when you want suggestions outside your neighborhood.
Skype: This free or low-cost (depending on who you are calling) internet phone app is a life-saver when the husband is traveling, especially when he is out of the country.
The Weather Channel: There’s nothing I hate worse than being inappropriately dressed for the weather.
Wikipedia: I hate not knowing something.
IMDb: I hate not knowing something about movies and the people who star in them.
Sirius XM: I can’t live without my Sirius Satellite Radio in my car, in my house, on my phone.
Alarm Clock Pro ($0.99):
Keeps me punctual by gently waking me up to my favorite iPod playlists.
Nike+ GPS:
Record every mile you run, get time and pace updates, even hear words of encouragement from your favorite running idols (like Tracy Morgan!). If I take a run without it, I feel cheated — like it didn’t even happen.
New York Times and NPR: Of all my news apps, these are the two I check the most.


The Regulars
Happy Hours: Provides up-to-the-minute information on where you can get the best happy hour deals near you. Right now.
Fandango: When I want to see a movie, it tells me where and when.
Pandora: I don’t listen to it so often because of the awesome channel selection on Sirius and my iTunes library, but it does consistently offer up some nice playlists.
Shazam: When you want to know (and remember) who sings that new, catchy song you love, Shazam’s your guy. It will identify even obscure indie songs and tag them so you can listen to or download them later.
TweetDeck: My preferred Twitter app. Keep track of those you follow in organized lists.
Epicurious and Whole Foods: My go-to apps for recipes. Save your favorites to your recipe box or create a grocery list for your next meal.
PhotoShop Express:
Easily crop and enhance iPhone photos using this handy photo editor.
Polarize and  Hipstamatic ($1.99): Funk out your photos to make them look way cooler than you could ever actually take them.
Mint: This user-friendly budgeting app makes it easy to keep track of all your expenses and to manage your monthly budget.

The Handy-When-The-Need-Arises:
Southwest Airlines: I fly Southwest more than any other airline. This app will allow me to make reservations, check in and check flight status.
TripAdvisor: My favorite trip-planning site and app. Find recommendations on everything from hotels, restaurants to popular tourist attractions, and utilize their extensive user forums to get answers to all your travel questions.
Have2P: The name says it all. Never fret about where you’re going to make your next pit stop.
Zillow: I don’t really know why, but I’m a bit obsessed with this real estate app that shows you the houses on the market in your area, often complete with photos.

I also sometimes visit several shopping and games apps, but I already feel like I’ve gone a little long. So perhaps I’ll save those for another post. In the meantime, I’d love for you to share your favorite apps with me.


2 thoughts on “my go-to iphone apps

  1. Joe Cordeal

    Great list! I need to download a few of those for my NYC trip this summer! I have a few go-to’s that aren’t on your list:

    Flashlight ($0.99 by i4software) • This is an iPhone 4-only app. It turns on the LED bulb (flash) on the back of the phone when you open the app. I have used this app countless times when I need an instant-on light when I only have my phone with me. The LED is a bright, concentrated light. You can also turn on the light using the built-in photo app, but this is one click.

    AngryBirds (free or $0.99) • Perfect game to distract yourself while waiting for an appt, etc.

    iBooks (free) • A nice app for reading books, but even better as a way to store and categorize PDFs on your phone or iPad. I keep instruction manuals, receipts, etc at the ready.

    Netflix (free) • Great movie and TV show player on iPhone or iPad if you are a subscriber.

    Groupon (free) • Give me some 50%-off eats!

  2. roschkekj23 Post author

    Thanks for the tips…I have a few of them already, but this flashlight sounds amazing. I’m downloading it right now!


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