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queens of country to premiere at phoenix film festival

UPDATE: After a year in post-production, including the addition of a score by Isaac Brock of Modest Mouse and Ugly Casanova, Queens of Country will officially premiere at the Phoenix Film Festival on Saturday, March 31.

I, for one, can’t wait to see how the film has changed since I participated in a screening in December 2010. And I’ve really been enjoying Lizzy Caplan on New Girl lately, so it will be fun to see her again in all her country glamour.

Tickets will sell out, so get yours now at the Phoenix Film Festival website. And check out the trailer:

Original post from Dec. 5, 2010:

I recently had the chance to attend a focus group screening of Queens of Country, an unpredictable, sweet and irreverent comedy by filmmakers Christopher Pomerenke and Ryan Page. Full disclosure: Ryan is married to my best friend, which one might argue makes me biased. And maybe I did go into it with unconscious favorable bias because of my personal connections, but I did my best to view the film with an open mind. Continue reading